Is Blockchain The File Format of the Future? From .MP3 to .BC

If there is an emerging technology that seems to genuinely be on the tip of everyone’s tongue in 2018, it is blockchain. While often associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain appears to be permeating every conceivable field, with downloadable music for DJs being no exception. We had a chance to learn more about a potential new file format for DJs at the International Music Summit 2018. Keep reading to learn what we learned from dotBlockchain Media’s Benji Rogers.

What Is Blockchain? A Quick Primer

Despite a great deal of volatility in the cryptocurrency market, blockchain is revolutionizing the world in ways almost entirely disconnected from Bitcoin and other currencies. Healthcare, property markets, and even a music festival presented by 3LAU all have made recent headlines with new and exciting uses of blockchain technologies. While the technology itself is becoming widespread, understanding it can still be somewhat difficult for the uninitiated.

To start, let’s do a quick overview of what the term “blockchain” means and why you should care.

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