10 Smart Building Trends For 2020

The smart building has become one of the fastest-growing technologies in the proptech industry. It is estimated that the global market for the Internet of Things in Buildings (BIoT) will rise from $22.93Bn in 2014 to over $85Bn in 2020. The major factor driving smart building market growth is global energy utilization concerns. Yet, finding efficient ways to use energy isn’t the only reason for buildings to become smart. Agente has collected top smart building trends for 2019 and 2020 that already get huge investment. 

We’ve divided the trends into 3 logical categories: security, eco friendship, and building management.

Smart building security

Indoor security

Facility managers can easily keep the building safe with the help of cameras and access control systems. 

For example, smart indoor camera Netatmo sends an immediate alert if an intruder has been detected in the building while recording everything that happens in the house.

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